Design from the Arctic Circle

Ester Visual offers home decor products, all designed to combine rich visual looks and Nordic clean shape. And some Arctic in the spirit.

Main products are posters, cards and gift products for the home and kitchen.
Responsibility in production is carried out especially by favouring local production. High quality natural materials are preferred in the product development.
Ester Visual is a Rovaniemi-based business, whose artwork and design are made by Elisa Ahonen. Elisa is a master of arts, art teacher and a keen follower of design world.


”It was the large ears of a hare that first inspired me to start my series of watercolour wildlife paintings. I had never painted animals before, but one day I saw a picture. It was a brown hare – and the ears were just so intriguing. I knew the ears especially would be amazing in watercolour. Since then it was clear, that I should make a series of wildlife paintings.

And, although I never imagined to become an entrepreneur, it happened that I started my print business. Later I painted a series of delicate depictions of the fragile local flora, and paintings depicting the landscape of the North.” -Elisa-

You can find retailer info here.


Elisa Ahonen, Rovaniemi Finland




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