Design from the Arctic Circle

ESTER VISUAL produces series of products for its own label. Main products are cards, prints, posters and other products for homedecoration and interior design. The first print series is named ’Animal Portraits’.

BrunssillaESTER VISUAL also makes visual design through an overall vision of the visual. Its domain spreads naturally to several branches of visual design: visual concepts, interior design, print designs and illustrations – and fine art.


ESTER VISUAL is a Rovaniemi-based one-person business, and all the designs and artwork are mine. I have a Master of Art degree in art education. I´ve also studied fine art, art history and textile design. My long-term interests are architecture and interior design.

Responsibility in production is carried out especially by favouring near production. All the paper products are printed in Rovaniemi, Finland. Domestic natural materials are preferred in the product development.


Elisa Ahonen, Rovaniemi Finland




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